Surah Baqara 7th Ayat Surah Muminun 17th Ayat Surah Mutaffifin 14th Ayat Modern Arabic Calligraphy

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Featuring 7th Ayat of Surah Baqara, 17th Ayat of Surah Muminun and 14th Ayat of Surah Mutaffifin, this modern Arabic calligraphy will add beauty and refinement to your spaces and will be an exquisite part of your home and office decoration.

Inspired by the energy points of the human body and colors representing these chakra rings, this colorful modern Islamic art will be an exquisite part of your home and office decoration by adding beauty and refinement to your living spaces with its powerful statement.

Attracting attention with its unusual design elements, intricate details and sophisticated Arabic calligraphy, this modern Islamic canvas art is the best way to add a touch of elegance to your ambiance. Containing the powerful messages of Surah Baqarah 7th Ayat, Surah Muminun 17th Ayat and Surah Mutaffifin 14th Ayat, you can be sure that this Islamic wall decor will fill your walls with spiritual meaning and beauty. 

The ring form patterns of the design, with warm and cold colors used together, have been carefully selected to represent the spiritual beauty brought by each verse of the Qur'an. The impressive combination of eye catching colors has been expertly put together to make this piece stand out and bring life to any environment in which it is displayed. The irresistible aesthetic of this modern Islamic calligraphy art will add a touch of modern Islamic culture to any room, whatever your decorating style.

The Arabic calligraphy home decor has been hand crafted with the best art materials to keep the design vibrant, so it'd be an ideal choice for those looking for a beautiful home decoration art. Whether you display it on your wall as a sign of devotion or admire it in the comfort of your home, this unique Islamic calligraphy piece that brings together Surah Baqarah 7th Ayat, Surah Muminun 17th Ayat and Surah Mutaffifin 14th Ayat in a modern design will help you bring harmony and inner peace to your life. Not only will it add a vibrant color and touch of life to your walls, it will also bring a sense of spiritual peace to your home.
  • Amin
  • Acrylics on canvas 
  • 52 x 108 centimeters
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Technique UsedCalligraphy Art
ArtistAmin / Caligrapher
Dimensions50 x 100 cm (19.6 x 39.3 inches)
Custom Art Production TimeFor Artworks Out of Stock Time To Complete is 10-14 Days

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