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Irene Tower is located in the northeast corner of the third courtyard of Valide Han. Eirene Tower was built during the Middle Byzantine period.

During the Ottoman period, it first became a part of the Cerrah Mehmet Pasha Palace and then the Büyük Valide Han, which was built on the site of the palace. According to rumors, it is said that it was once used as a watchtower, prison, church and once Kösem Sultan’s treasury room. While this great legacy of 1200 years left to us keeps the spirit of history alive, it has become a very important phenomenon in terms of art with the gallery and workshop we have established. In this unique historical building built in the Middle Byzantine period, we both perform art and offer the opportunity to visit our gallery for free.

In addition, we provide unforgettable art workshops in different categories with our master artists.While performing arts such as oil painting, calligraphy, miniatures, leaves and marbling at the Irene Art Tower, we interview our guests and let them witness this historical structure. All of our artworks in our gallery are certified and ready for sale, you can come and see them whenever you want.

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