Ottoman Firman Manuscript 35X100

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A handwritten Ottoman ferman is a unique and valuable piece of history that can add elegance and sophistication to any space. The Ottoman ferman was a decree or edict issued by the Sultan or other high ranking officials in the Ottoman Empire. These documents were highly detailed and often written in ornate calligraphy by skilled scribes, making them true works of art. A handwritten Ottoman ferman can be a great conversation starter and a fascinating addition to any collection. They provide a glimpse into the political, cultural, and social history of the Ottoman Empire and offer a unique perspective on the world at that time. Whether you are a history buff, an art collector, or simply someone who appreciates beautiful craftsmanship, a handwritten Ottoman ferman is a must-have item. These documents are not only aesthetically pleasing but also historically significant. They can provide insight into the laws, customs, and practices of the Ottoman Empire and shed light on its political and social structures. Furthermore, Ottoman fermans can be used as a decorative item in homes, offices, and museums. They can be framed and hung on a wall or displayed in a glass case, adding a touch of sophistication and elegance to any space. Handwritten Ottoman fermans are a rare and valuable find, and their authenticity and historical significance add to their value. They are not just pieces of paper but are true works of art that capture the beauty and complexity of the Ottoman Empire. Whether you are a collector or simply looking for a unique and beautiful piece of history to add to your decor, a handwritten Ottoman ferman is a fantastic choice. ��‍� By Elif Ifta Yildiz ✒️ Since calligraphy is art of writing these Islamic wall arts are handwritten on papers not painted on canvas. � Various colored Inks over paper � 35 x 100 centimeters Artwork is shipped, rolled in a sturdy cardboard tube. Check photos for packaging details Wall decor art is genuinely handmade. Colors may be slightly different than actual photos due to lightning conditions and monitoring devices. If you are unsure about colors or want to see artwork in real enviroment please contact us. � FREE SHIPPING on all orders. � Once your purchase has been shipped we will provide you with the tracking number. � We usually process your orders on the same day as we take your order. If this is not the case we will inform you. In specific periods, due to high traffic with carriers, delivery may take longer than expected. � The buyer is responsible for any custom and import taxes that may apply. Delays caused at customs are beyond our responsibility thank you for your understanding. � Colors may be slightly different than actual photos due to lightning conditions and monitoring devices. If you have any questions related to the artwork feel free to message and we will usually reply within a few hours. �
Technique UsedCalligraphy Art
ArtistElif İfta Yıldız / Illumination Artist

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