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Hu Mesk Islamic wall art a beautiful design of minimalistic aesthetic and hand crafted Muslim wall art to express the powerful message of love. The handwritten Islamic home decor can take pride in your wall decoration. Love is an emotion that transcends borders and cultures. It’s a feeling that everyone can relate to. "The Love" Islamic wall art which means "Hu Mesk" encapsulates this emotion perfectly, representing it in its most natural form. The cursive design conveys a sense of philosophy, while the soft colors evoke a peaceful ambiance. "The Love" Islamic wall art is perfect for any home or workspace, providing an eye catching decorative piece. Whether placed in an entryway or living room, the Arabic art captures attention and leaves an impression. It’s also perfect for those looking for creative inspiration, as its subtle but meaningful form can help promote creative thinking. Hu Mesk Islamic wall art is a beautiful and uplifting way to represent the power of love in your home. Its unique design offers timeless appeal, bringing a touch of warmth and peace to any space. ��‍� By Selma Altiparmak ✒️ Since calligraphy is art of writing these Islamic wall arts are handwritten on papers not painted on canvas. � Various colored Inks over paper � 50 x 50 centimeters Artwork is shipped, rolled in a sturdy cardboard tube. Check photos for packaging details Wall decor art is genuinely handmade. Colors may be slightly different than actual photos due to lightning conditions and monitoring devices. If you are unsure about colors or want to see artwork in real enviroment please contact us. � FREE SHIPPING on all orders. � Once your purchase has been shipped we will provide you with the tracking number. � We usually process your orders on the same day as we take your order. If this is not the case we will inform you. In specific periods, due to high traffic with carriers, delivery may take longer than expected. � The buyer is responsible for any custom and import taxes that may apply. Delays caused at customs are beyond our responsibility thank you for your understanding. � Colors may be slightly different than actual photos due to lightning conditions and monitoring devices. If you have any questions related to the artwork feel free to message and we will usually reply within a few hours. �
Technique UsedCalligraphy Art
ArtistSelma Altıparmak / Calligrapher

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