Ayatul Kursi Kalima Tawhid Blue Canvas Art 100X100

  • Ayat Ul Kursi and Kalima Tawhid, Islamic Calligraphy, Blue Canvas Wall Art, Ayatul Kursi Art Islamic Home Decor
  • Product Code: K0000348
  • Brand: Eirene
  • Category: Traditional Calligraphy
  • Technique Used: Calligraphy Art
  • Artist: Amin / Caligrapher
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Look no further than this beautiful Ayat Ul Kursi and Kalima Tawhid blue canvas wall art if you are looking for an exquisite piece of Islamic art to infuse your home with a peaceful and calming atmosphere. Resting in peaceful blues, this Islamic calligraphy is amplified by a majestic background and detailed calligraphy to create an remarkable wall of love. The Ayat Ul Kursi is a powerful verse from the Qur'an that serves as a reminder of Allah's divine presence and benevolence. This Arabic calligraphy features a representation of the Qur'anic verse surrounding the Arabic translation of 'Allah is One' or the Kalima Tawhid, creating a truly splendid artwork. The crisp detail of each letter ensures a perfect design that will look beautiful in any space. This dynamic and vibrant wall art is perfect for evoking inspiration, positivity, and an overall sense of calm throughout your home. Whether hung on your living room or hallway wall, this captivating piece will fill the space with tranquility and aid in creating an impactful atmosphere. Transform your home into senerity today with this amazing piece of Ayat Ul Kursi and Kalima Tawhid blue canvas wall art. The combination of colors and soothing words offer an elegant atmosphere that everyone will appreciate. ��‍� By Amin � Acrylic Inks on High Quality Canvas � 100 x 100 centimeters ⚫️ For the black variant of this artwork see link below �� � https://www.etsy.com/listing/1487636700/ayatal-kursi-art-kalima-tawhid-islamic Colors may be slightly different than actual photos due to lightning conditions and monitoring devices. If you are unsure about colors or want to see artwork in real enviroment please contact us. � FREE SHIPPING on all orders. � Once your purchase has been shipped we will provide you with the tracking number. � We usually process your orders on the same day as we take your order. If this is not the case we will inform you. In specific periods, due to high traffic with carriers, delivery may take longer than expected. � The buyer is responsible for any custom and import taxes that may apply. Delays caused at customs are beyond our responsibility thank you for your understanding. � Colors may be slightly different than actual photos due to lightning conditions and monitoring devices. If you have any questions related to the artwork feel free to message and we will usually reply within a few hours. � https://www.etsy.com/messages/new?with_id=591379999&referring_id=33740663&referring_type=shop&recipient_id=591379999
Technique UsedCalligraphy Art
ArtistAmin / Caligrapher

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