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Hurrem Sultan Ottoman oil painting is the unique wall art to make your home or office stand out if you look for an amazing Ottoman style art piece with historical figures in it. This antique oil painting was fully hand crafted resembling the reign of the Ottoman Empire during the 17th century. Orientalism poster captures an incredible shot of the magnificent century featuring elaborately dressed concubines within a lush green harem decorated with orange rugs and gold embroideries showing the luxury of the Ottoman Empire. This harem wall art is a stunning artwork that will make your home look like a true palace. Whether you hang it on the wall or perch it atop a mantel, this painting is sure to be a conversation starter. Its vibrant colors and rich details have been carefully handmade creating a stunning piece of wall decor. Imagine admiring the intricate details of Hurrem Sultan’s daily life from the exotic clothing she wears to the beautiful scenery of the harem walls. This painting will bring a bit of imperial grandeur to any room and it is sure to become a centerpiece of your décor. With its blend of cultural and artistic value, it makes a truly special addition to any home. Give your home a touch of history with this timeless piece of Ottoman style art. Hurrem Sultan Ottoman painting promises to be an unforgettable show stopper in any space it is hung in. Get ready to turn heads with this amazing heirloom wall art. ��‍� By Tara Jihangiri � Oil Paint over canvas � 75 x 115 centimeters Artwork is shipped, rolled in a sturdy cardboard tube. Check photos for packaging details Wall decor art is genuinely handmade. Colors may be slightly different than actual photos due to lightning conditions and monitoring devices. If you are unsure about colors or want to see artwork in real enviroment please contact us. � FREE SHIPPING on all orders. � Once your purchase has been shipped we will provide you with the tracking number. � We usually process your orders on the same day as we take your order. If this is not the case we will inform you. In specific periods, due to high traffic with carriers, delivery may take longer than expected. � The buyer is responsible for any custom and import taxes that may apply. Delays caused at customs are beyond our responsibility thank you for your understanding. � Colors may be slightly different than actual photos due to lightning conditions and monitoring devices. If you have any questions related to the artwork feel free to message and we will usually reply within a few hours. �
Technique UsedOil Painting
ArtistTara Jihangiri / Oil Painting Artist

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